I’ve been working since last summer on drawing a field map of Scratch Farm, a 2-acre vegetable and flower farm run by my friends Katie Miller and Ben Torpey (and formerly, Jo Bloch).  I used to take a month off from my job in Philadelphia in the summer and spend a few days a week helping out at Scratch; last year I moved back to Rhode Island and did a work share there all season (working once a week in exchange for a CSA share).

One of these days I’ll finish this drawing and then letterpress it in two 11″ x 17″ panels.  I’ve finally been finding time to work on it lately, so I’m excited about my progress.


Whom we lovingly refer to as Ox.  Not sure exactly where that nickname came from, other than my brother’s head… but he is over 6 feet tall and willingly hauls and schleps things for his family pretty often. He also loves to use Moleskine notebooks for his design work, especially if customized by me.  So here is his new work book, illustrated from an ox who lives on the internet, and silkscreened in blue and gold: